Happy New Year to my Friends Everywhere! 

    Going to be starting the New Year off in style

             and with some wonderful blues players...


          The Susan Angeletti Band

                     will be performing

                      February 11th at Markham Park

                       ( 16001 St. Rd 84 Sunrise,Fl)


                          ROCKERS IN RECOVERY

                     Susan Angeletti Band

                            Set Start 9PM

w Rich Kopystynsky on Bass( from Chicago!)

Susan Angeletti on Lead Vocals

Anthony Steele on searing  Blues n Rock Guitars

Drums TBA!

  The whole days line up n more info coming!

Please check back for more details.




" Blessed with a Voice that burns like red hot coals, Susans Voice soars w a Mick meets Janis attitude!"-Art Tipaldi Blues Revue/Ct Blues Society


 "Susan's voice knocked me out"!- Bluesman John Hammond Jr.


   Great Vocals,lets do this again!! -BB King

    "Hot Stuff!" 1st DJ in U.S. (Dec 2016) to play Susan's brand new Single: I Can't Stand The Rain!

              -  Cap'n Barney Mayflower Hill Blues Show Colby College, Waterville,Maine WMHB 89.7FM


 "Her star is on the rise,fiery and Absolutely Fearless!" -Don Moorhouse

 "Susan has a powerful voice that shakes you right up!"- Johnny Winter



           Welcome to the soulful & fiery sounds of 


                blues n rock singer Susan Angeletti 




       Susan Angeletti Wisdom CD: Review/The Valley Advocate

Susan Angeletti's voice is a powerful stimulant.

The rock and roll/blues crooner sounds as if her pipes are made of glistening chrome

and studded leather; what comes out is both broad and majestic,

but when she lets it loose, it can capture your attention like an oncoming

herd of elephants. I made the mistake of sampling her upcoming disk first

thing in the morning without a full dose of caffeine, and the raw, bone-rattling

rock Angeletti and guitarist B.J. Korona produced left me shaking in my slippers.

Returning later, more fortified, I was still awed by her vocals. The collection of

seven tunes, most penned by the duo, have great range. Some have an epic,

Pat Benatar feel and one ballad is as soulful as a B.B. King solo. Angeletti's

voice, with its superhero physicality, makes the rock and roll stylings of many

other contemporary divas seem meek and polite.

-Mark Roessler